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Rules and Regulations

War Description:

•The war will be held on Brian Lund’s property. He and Alex Noce are the hosts.
•A map of the area with the marked boundaries will be provided.
•The date of this event is still not yet known… but it will be in 2004 around late April.
•We will announce the official date when we are ready to hold it.
•These rules are subject to change at any time, including on the night of the war, and if needed, in between skirmishs if needed.
•The first three wars will be “BETA Tests” so we can refine the rules to make the war flawless. For these Beta test wars, we will be taking any comments and suggestions.

Rules and regulations:

1. The hosts (Brian and Alex) can boot you from the server (Playing field) at any time.
2. On each team, there will be a couple different jobs:
     a. Home base defenders
     b. Field Medics
     c. Heavy assault (spring shotguns or Full Auto rifles)
     d. Medium assault (spring assault rifles or Full Auto pistols)
     e. Light assault (spring pistols)
     f. Snipers/High power (rifle with 300+ f/s velocity)
3. If you are hit with a body shot, you are to "play dead" until a field medic can get to you and "regenerate" you, you are not permitted to shoot during this period, hence the play dead part.
4. If you are hit on a limb, like your arm, you are not to use that limb until you can get a medic to heal you. Therefore, if you are shot in both legs, you cannot walk.
5. Each Field Medic is permitted to have a pistol of their choice, but only one pistol. It can be a Full Auto.
6. The regular Infantry is permitted to have as many guns as they can carry.
7. Obviously, you will need people guarding the Home Base. They are permitted to have any gun also.
8. You are also permitted to capture people as POW’s. To do this you are not permitted to “kill” the POW, you must take them back to your home base. If you capture someone, you are to take their weapon(s) from them; these weapons will be worth points. Though you are not allowed to “kill” the POW’s, you are allowed to maim them in order to get them to cooperate.
9. The perimeter of the battlefield and each base will be marked off on the map that we will supply.
10. You can shoot someone anywhere below the neck excluding the crotch. If you are hit in the head, face, nuts, ect. You should find either Brian or Alex or radio us with this info.
11. If you see anyone go beyond the battlefield perimeter (TBA), please inform us immediately.
12. Channel 1 on the FPS or GMRS radios is to always be reserved for emergency use only.
13. Cheating is not allowed. There are no exceptions to this rule. The first incedence will be a warning along with a $5 fine. The second incedence within a 1 month period is cause for a suspension from the game for the next two skirmishes and a $10 fine. The third incedence within a season will be cause for the banning of this player from the game along with a $15 fine for mere stupidity.
14. Theft is not allowed. Any person found stealing another person¹s property will be reason for immediate dismissal of this person from the game.'
15. Firing airsoft weapons at any animals is not allowed.
16. If questioned by law enforcement officials regarding airsoft weapons, realize that they may not be able to recognize that these are not real weapons. Make sure, at all times that you completely comply with all commands issued by any law enforcement official. Your life may depend on it.
17. Always be a good sport. Win well, and lose better. When hit, let the player that shot you know, perhaps with a 'good shot!' or something along those lines. When you shoot someone, try for something like 'you were sure a tough target, never thought I'd get you!' This is a game, so lets have fun out there.
18. If you observe someone not calling themselves out when hit, do not get into any type of altercation. Try to be diplomatic and polite. Bring attention to the situation by saying, "I saw the bb's hit you, but you probably didn't feel them."
19. If you find yourself in a situation where you have been hit, and you call yourself out, but are still getting shot at, remember that in the heat of battle, it is often difficult to hear someone calling themselves out over the distance and over the noise on a battlefield. So put make sure that you hit the ground so that the shooter knows they hit you.

Fees, recommendations, anything else:

1. Two-way radios are highly recommended for complete covert operations.
2. We will NOT provide any radio's at any time, due to the high cost. You are to provide them for yourself.
3. IF you do not have an Airsoft gun, one will be provided for you, but you have to notify one of us well before the war. This will also not be of the highest quality.
4. It is also recommended that you buy your own gun, or you can tell us which one you would like and we will get it for you… then you will pay us for it.
5. For ammo, we will probably give you about 500 rounds for about $3. We are still working on an idea for purchasing more ammo during or in between the skirmishes.
6. There will also be an entry fee. The fee is yet to be determined but will most likely be $10.
7. We are also not responsible for any injuries incurred while playing. Remember, we did not force you to play.
8. Eye protection will be required to play.
9. We are still working on some of the fine details.

Scoring System:
1. There will be a certain amount of points for different accomplishments:
     a. Capturing the Flag ....................................50 pts
     b. Capturing POW’s.....................................15 pts/POW
     c. Weapons confiscated.................................varies
          i. Sniper/High power.................................12 pts
          ii. Heavy Assault.......................................9 pts
          iii. Medium Assault....................................6 pts
          iv. Light Assault.........................................3 pts
2. The war will start at dusk and go until a less than 8 people remain. Therefore, the team with the most points will win the war.
3. After the first three nights, we will probably start giving rewards for the winning team or we will lower prices for certain things. Then again, we may just keep everything the same in order to continue the improvement of the war.



     You have a lot of rights and privileges as a person, but doing stupid things is NOT one of them. Also, do not expect us to be responsible for your stupidity. If you do something dumb, accept the consequences of your actions. An example would be shooting someone with one of these guns at very close range. You will hurt them, and then they will hurt you. This is why you do not shoot someone at point blank range.
     Always wear eye protection when using these guns! They may not fire real bullets, but they can cause you or someone near you to lose an eye. The more protective clothing you wear, the less it will hurt when you are hit with a BB. Yes, they hurt when they hit you. They can even penetrate your skin if you are shot at a close enough distance. Do not shoot other players in the face if you can help it.